Grow West Africa (GWA) is an investment and business management company based in Lagos, Nigeria.  We invest or co-invest in sustainable businesses or projects that meet the needs and demands of shareholders and consumers alike. We also offer local businesses interim or short-term management support to grow or improve their profitability. 

West Africa - A mix of opportunity and challenge

Recently, West Africa has been experiencing significant challenges represented by slowed growth, falling commodity prices, fiscal and political pressures impacting its business environment.


These challenges represent business opportunities that with diligence, skills, dedication and business acumen can become profitable and contribute to regional growth and stability.


GWA is a Danish-owned company with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, from where it serves the West African markets.  Our physical presence in the region gives us the networks and contacts in local markets to effectively navigate in the environment in which we work.


Grow West Africa is affiliated with Coxswain Investment plus Ltd.