Local knowledge

It is challenging to manage a business in any foreign environment without strong prior knowledge of the business environment and local context. We believe, that you can only gain that knowledge via physical presence.

Our advice and guidance is always informed by local and experienced business partners and colleagues. We believe they are best suited to navigate the local business environment, bureaucracy, traditions and networks.

GWA effectively manages our investments in West Africa. This means continuously exploring opportunities, developing businesses and securing financing as needed. 

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Local knowledge informs our investments

GWA engages in four principal types of activities: 


Finance and investment

We draw on more than 10 years of experience in project finance and bring valuable experience and knowledge about local and international finance or co-financing options. As a principle we engage with our own resources and/or finances in all the projects we get involved with and draw on external resources  and finances as needed.

Our extensive networks and local knowledge is applied in assessing potential business partners, representing investments opportunities and negotiating terms and conditions with financial investors or institutions.



We pride ourselves of providing hands-on start up engagement. We have learnt that the early stages of business startup will either make or break even the best business opportunity. Strong leadership, cohesive implementation plans, a dedication to excellence and quality, common sense and flexibility are important ingredients of our business successes.


Interim management support

Many local business holds tremendous potential but are held back by lack of structure and strategy, poor organization, limited experience or inability to secure affordable financing to expand. GWA offers interim management and business re-engineering services to such companies holding significant promise for growth and scale.


Property development and project management
We engage in construction and project management focusing especially on the last phases of construction to include supervision of finish, quality and inspection. With significant experience in sourcing, supervision, contractor and vendor management, we control BOQ´s and budgets, keep our projects on schedule, serve as liaison between client and contractors and ensure state of the art deliverables.