Our Mission: To launch, manage or invest in businesses that informed by best practices, know-how and partnership meet shareholder expectations and consumer needs.

Our Vision: A modern West Africa where our profitable businesses, know-how and investments contribute to the economic development and wealth creation in the region.

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Invest in growth and opportunity

Grow West Africa (GWA) is an investment and management company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. 


Our primary emphasis is to identify, nurture and grow investment opportunities in emerging markets in West Africa, notably Nigeria. Our physical presence in the region is key to our business engagements that are characterized hands-on involvement guided by many years of relevant business experience.


Founded in 2011 GWA started as an entry-to-market advisory company but has subsequently grown to become an investment and business management company vested in the businesses we are involved in.


Through our many years of experience in the West African market, we fully understand the hesitations of some companies to enter into the market. Our co-investments and hands-on involvement have proven not only to improve comfort levels but also to significantly reduce risks and rapidly overcome challenges.

Our diverse portfolio includes retail, commodities, property, construction and production. We are dedicated to developing businesses that create value for shareholders through prudent management of resources. Our interim management and support services to local business owners and companies help them to improve efficiencies, quality of products or services and improve profitability.


We work closely with international investment and development agencies based in West Africa and beyond.

Our business principles

Our corporate culture and ethos are based on the following principles:

  • We are dedicated to manage and run effective, responsible and profitable businesses in West Africa.
  • We leverage, engage and develop local talent, structures, partners and resources.
  • We value optimal communication and transparency with business partners, contractors and vendors alike
  • We respect national and international conventions.
  • We strive towards sustainable solutions and consider short-and long term financial, environmental and social impact of our investments.
  • We have zero tolerance for corrupt businesses or activities.